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Lose Weight by Meditating

If you're experiencing difficulty losing weight, meditation can be an effective complement to diet and exercise. As appreciation grows for the mind-body connection, more dieters are discovering the benefits of mindfulness.

Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster: 6 Tips for Making Your Weight Loss Last

Losing weight isn’t easy, but keeping the weight off for the long haul can be even more challenging. Many of us get stuck on that endless roller coaster of yo-yo dieting. We go on a diet, lose some weight, go off our diet, and then gain all of the weight back, plus some. So…

20 Easy Ways to Lose a Pound Each Week

With all the diets floating around that claim to result in losing 20+ pounds in a month, 1 pound per week might not sound worthwhile. But consider that 1 pound per week is over 50 pounds per year. How would you look and feel if you had started a year ago?

The Exercise Journal Miracle for Women Who Keep Meaning to Exercise

There’s a big difference between buying a gym membership, and using it on a regular basis. Keeping an exercise journal is one tool for making your workouts more consistent and effective. Take a look at the benefits of tracking your time on the treadmill.

The Plus-Size Person’s Solution to Exercise Motivation

Weight loss usually requires eating less and moving more. The second half of that formula can be daunting if your size makes you feel uncomfortable at the gym. Solve that dilemma by tapping into exercise motivation on a grand scale.