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You know you have to burn calories to lose weight, but it can be difficult to find time in your busy schedule for more exercise. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to increase your energy expenditure without taking time away from other responsibilities.

Practical Ways to Resume Working Out After a Long Lapse

Congratulations on deciding to exercise again. If you’re returning from a long lapse, there are practical adjustments you can make to rev yourself up and avoid injuries. These techniques will help your body and your mind.

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Do you struggle to stick with your diet? You’re not alone. Dieting is one of the most challenging things anyone can do. Ask any personal trainer about their biggest challenge. They will tell you that getting clients to be compliant with their diets is the hardest part.

Simple Workouts to Do With Your Significant Other

Working out doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. You can exercise with your partner and strengthen your health while building your relationship. Exercise is more fun if you do it with another person.

A Surprisingly Simple New Way to Enjoy Exercise More

Some adults love a tough workout, and others dread any activity more strenuous than washing their hair. Given that 80% of Americans fail to meet government guidelines for aerobic and strength training, it's obvious that most of us fall into the second camp.