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If you wish that workouts felt more like play and less like work, a simple fitness mantra could make your dreams come true. A recent study proved once again how powerful self-talk can be.

New Help for the Second Most Common Exercise Excuse

The most common excuses adults give for not exercising are lack of time and feeling uncomfortable when they exert themselves. While scientists haven’t yet managed to add more hours to the day, there may be new hope for the sedentary.

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Introduction to Strength Training for Weight-Lifting Novices

So you've spent the last few days admiring the muscle tone of people at the gym. You’ve compared their muscle tone to yours. You now realize that your muscles aren’t nearly as impressive!

How to Finally Make Exercise a Habit

Everyone knows they need to exercise, but most of us haven’t been able to turn exercise into a regular habit. Maybe you want to build some muscle. Or perhaps you’d like to lose some fat. Either way, you want to feel better, be healthier, and be more proud of your body.